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I just stumbled across a book store near Irving and 9th called 'Black Oak Books'. It has the largest mathematics section of any used bookstore I've ever seen outside of Powell's Technical Books from my time living in Portland. I stumbled across the following: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Anthony Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes, and The Semantics of Destructive Lisp. Plus I found replacements for lost books of mine: The Design of the Unix Operating System, and The AWK Programming Language

All were about 60% of their regular price. All are in good condition but not mint. That's perfectly fine because I plan to read them, not just look at them. Well, The Design of the Unix Operating System is heavily System V-oriented. Design and Implementation of 4.4BSD is more relevant to my daily life.

Kevin, you never told me about that place!

# — 17 November, 2003