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I am, in fact, in Oregon. I arrived at an airport in Washington Monday morning at 6am. A few friends of mine showed up to pick me up. Kudos to them for getting me at such a crazy hour. We wandered around the local mall evading all of the elderly folks who use it as an early-morning exercise track.

Later that day, we played Munchkin at my favorite Eastern Oregon pizza parlor. I had heard about this game before; the premise is that if you can get away with cheating, then cheat. So, I cheated like a cheater's cheater. I palmed 10 treasure cards, I snuck crappy cards I didn't want to be stuck with down my jacket sleeve, and even stole 3 levels from the collection of tokens in the middle of the table that everybody could see. I was like a dorky Hudson Hawk. I lost by a single level at the hand of a better cheater.

After all of that, I finally slept. How did I stay awake so long? I was high on life. And pepperoni. And theiving my friends nearly out of victory.

And now, I've placed my parents firmly in the 21st century; They have DSL, a Netgear 802.11b access point and some WiFi usb adapters. Sweet.

# — 24 December, 2003