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Yesterday wasn't my best day.

I wasn't able to get through the brand-new, Byzantine-optimisied Alaskan Air system before my plane left. Apparently paper tickets are now a baffling anomoly and I was expected to read Stephen Hawking's Brief Explanation of Airline Travel. Gah.

I bought new tickets, on a different airline, to leave Sunday evening and decided to see 'Return of the King' with Stacy. About 2/3rd of the way through that movie, the lights went out. How was the movie? Stacy felt unsatisified.

It was surreal taking the Geary bus from Van Ness to 15th Avenue through all of the blacked out neighborhoods in between.

The blackout was fun. We lit some candles and played Zelda on my GBA since there wasn't enough light to read by. This morning I had to deal with the zillion bad inodes on my linux machines. Stupid ext2fs. My FreeBSD machine, with soft updates on, fared well. It's probably time to think about some UPS's.

# — 21 December, 2003