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Ted Leung on arch

Ted Leung on arch

Arch is a new version control system that I've been using for a few months now.

Ted Leung talks about arch a bit.

Elsewhere Ted describes arch as:
" [...] another new version control system. It is based on changesets which gives atomic commits, versioning of file/directory renames and moves. It also allows for a much more decentralized management of source code respositories. There is excellent support for branching and merging, to the point where creating branches and merging them back in is the conceptual, if not actual, mode of development."

I would add that arch is great if you're starting an opensource project because it allows anybody to branch your work and perform major surgery while still retaining their own, seperate, version control. Later, if they've been successful, you can merge their code back in. This removes what I consider to be a large barrier to open source development: getting cvs commit access.

Arch also rules because the only thing you need to host a repository is some simple web space.

There are some nice web frontends you can put in front of your repository if you want more than a funny looking set of files sitting out there on the web.

My days of running a cvs repository for personal projects is over.

# — 01 February, 2004