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Fasttrack to UFFI

Fasttrack to UFFI

I performed a small experiment, trying to track down a bug in a Common Lisp package that I'm porting to OpenMCL. I realized that some of my steps for tracking this down would probably make for a super simple tutorial on using UFFI

First, make a quick C library


#include <stdio.h>

int teststuff(int i) {
return i;

Now compile it:

$ gcc -g -c -dynamiclib -o lib.o lib.c

Now build a dynamic library:

$ libtool -dynamic -o lib.o -lc

Use ASDF to install UFFI

Now create a simple Lisp program that calls your function


(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :uffi)
(uffi:load-foreign-library #p"/Users/stevej/" :supporting-libraries '("c"))

(uffi:def-function "teststuff" ((hello :int)) :returning :int)

(teststuff 1)

Voila, your first UFFI program.

# — 11 June, 2004