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dual monitors in dos 5.0

dual monitors in dos 5.0

Rands In Repose: Messy Thinking: "Little know fact, if you installed a Hercules video card in your PC, you could do something revolutionary (for PCs). On your primary monitor, you had the windows application that you'd be debugging. On your secondary Hercules monitor, you'd have your debugging information. Given present day technology, this is a serious yawn, but remember, we're talking about the early 90s here. Macs remained spendy and it'd be another eight years before Microsoft landed dual-monitor support in Windows 2000."

Yes, I'll confirm this was true at least as early as DOS 5. This was possible because Mono cards and color video cards used different IRQs.

I resonate very strongly with this post. Except the part where he became a total Windows nerd, I became a Unix dork. Oh, and he was hacking away at a real job at Borland while I was busy hacking on microcontrollers in my bedroom, listening to the Ramones, getting pneumonia from crawling around in telephone company dumpsters in December, using Turbo Debugger on my second monitor, SysV on my actual vt320 terminal, and just generally being 15 years old.

Ah, memories.

# — 23 July, 2004