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12 more years.

12 more years.

Direland on why Kerry lost: "Undoubtedly, the Corporate Democrats and their liberal power-junkie helpmates will decide that they lost the election because they didn’t squirm far enough to the right. Where is the institutional leadership--or the leader--who could fight for a reorientation of the party toward a populist, progressive, passionate commitment to social and economic justice as a REAL alternative to reactionary Republicanism? Oh, Hillary Clinton, you say? Don’t make me laugh. But she’ll undoubtedly be the Democrats’ nominee in 2008--which is why we can expect, not four more years of Republican rule, but 12."

Anybut But Bush was a big failure. The magical youth vote doesn't seem like it really materialized. Just like it never has.

I keep hearing that the Democrats need to move more to the center. What? Why? The Republicans keep moving farther right and wining more elections. Robert Reich wrote in an article on Slate

Of course, it would be helped if the American people would stop being fooled by issues that don't actually affect them.

Lots of people are Republicans and believe they can change the party from within. They might hate the GOPs immoral stances on 'Right to Work',

But the Republican Party isn't viewed as a party run by 527s and "Special Interests".

Progressives need values to fight for. They could start with striking down immoral 'Right to Work' laws,

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