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Crease Crumple Cram

Crease Crumple Cram

I picked up a new lcd display at Central Computer a few hours ago. There's one problem: it's DVI cable doesn't match my powerbooks DVI input very well. The display's DVI cable has less contact points than the dvi input.

I couldn't get the DVI cable to fit properly but after some research I discovered that the video cable industry went insane a few years ago and there are now approximately 14 million different kinds of adapters. I didn't notice this before as the only place I've switched from VGA to DVI was at work where all of the equipment works together well. Since the display's DVI cable wouldn't fit into the powerbook I thought that perhaps I needed Yet Another Adapter (which is far too common when using Apple equipment).

Just then, I remembered a scene from Seinfeld where Jerry was delivering Newman's route:

JERRY: Hey, I've been trying to jam stuff in the box, like you told me, but sometimes it says, like, "Photographs - Do not bend".

NEWMAN: "Do not bend". (Laughs evilly) Just crease, crumple, cram.. you'll do fine.

So I bent the horizontal pin and crammed it in. Voila.

# — 15 January, 2005