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Ian Murdock on the Nexenta/Debian row.

Ian Murdock on the Nexenta/Debian row.

Ian Murdock’s Weblog :: No good deed goes unpunished: "One of the big Debian stories of the week is that a company called Nexenta Systems has made a version of Ubuntu that’s based on OpenSolaris rather than the Linux kernel. Personally, I find the emergence of a Debian-based OpenSolaris distribution exciting, as it promises to vastly improve Solaris installation, packaging, and overall usability."


"And, so, I’m more than a little embarrassed at how certain members of the Debian community reacted to Nexenta’s work. The vitriol surprised even me, knowing as much as I know about how, uh, strongly the Debian community feels about certain issues."

I've used Nexenta and it's really very good for a distribution as young as it is. As soon as it integrates ZFS, I will switch my Solaris 10 system to Nexenta.

# — 22 November, 2005