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Last Day at The Goog.

Last Day at The Goog.

Friday was my last day at Google. After 5.2 years on Blogger, I thought it was time to pack it in. I am looking forward to some major time off to tool around the house, see friends, hack on some open source projects, and make a major dent in my reading list.

I have a bunch of ideas for small things I'd like to prototype, too. And besides those maths you use daily as an engineer, I've gotten kinda rusty. I don't think I could integrate to save my life right now! Thank god that's not usually required in your typical life saving endeavor.

Oh! More blogging! And more silly pictures like in the Blogger Buzz post. Thanks for that, guys. :-) If I ever run for president, the press will know where to go to discredit me in the red states. "How can you vote for him? He's in a little box!" "Yeah, yeah, in a little box..."

I only had a small idea of how large blogging would become back in 2001 when I joined Ev at Pyra. By small, I mostly mean "ridiculously wrong". I'm grateful that he gave me the chance to tear apart his baby and I will miss all the brilliant people I had the chance to work with. Seriously, who will fix my bugs now?

# — 02 December, 2006