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We want a new layer!

We want a new layer!

Van Jacobson's 'A New Way to Look at Networking' is one of the more interesting talks I've seen this past year. He essentially goes one step farther than P2P pundits by saying that not only should content live in the cloud but that TCP's conversational model is harmful to this vision by allowing third parties to get in the way forcing debates like Net Neutrality and QoS.

[Update]After thinking about this, it's not correct to say 'farther than P2P pundits' as some p2p systems like khashmir use protocols other than TCP. Khashmir, in particular, uses Airhook and p2p hackers, for a while, were getting rather infamous for trying to bolt lots of tcp's features onto udp with each group choosing their own favorite set of tcp features to badly emulate in udp.

I'd like to be able to toy with building protocols directly on top of IP or even just on bare link layer but that doesn't seem too feasible. I'd like to say I have better things to do with my time... but I don't, really.

# — 06 May, 2007