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Sunday, November 21, 2004


I reflexively take a skeptical view of third party widgets, haxies, and the like. So if Apple had seen fit to allow one to display both the time and the day of the month in the menu bar, I probably wouldn't have even looked at MenuCalendarClock; but they didn't, so I did, and I dig it. Unobtrusive, well designed, and every-day-useful. It also has a nice two-tier licensing scheme: a subset of the features can be used for free, with more advanced stuff available to registered users. My only gripe is that the type looks a little crufty compared to the rest of the text in my menubar, though perhaps this is due to its slightly smaller size. I've tried several other apps of this type in the past, but this is my favorite yet.


  • while your solution is a good one -- there are a couple ways to get OS X to display the day-of-the month along with the date and or time

    10.1 did it by editing a config file:

    10.2 (panther) it can be done with the 'defaults' command. f you want to see the month and day along with the time of day, enter in the following command:

    $ defaults write -g AppleICUTimeFormatStrings -dict-add 2 "MM'/'dd' 'HH':'mm':'ss"

    After executing this command, click and unclick one of the settings in the Date & Time Preferences pane and you'll see the date show up in the menu bar.

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