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Technology conspired against me this weekend: First my imap-ssl server refuses to talk to Entourage for MacOS 9 and since I want to move to Entourage/X this is greatly disappointing. Also, my DSL has been out today (again). The techs were convinced that it was my modem but just a few hours ago my network connection magically came alive again. Now I have to cancel this Covad support person scheduled to arrive at 8am tomorrow and I can't email this to support because support no longer accepts email. hilarity ensues.

Eudora is really pissing me off. Ctrl-E instinctively takes me to the end of the sentence from my years hacking in Emacs but it means 'immediate send' in Eudora-speak.

I really wanted to get more coding done this weekend. guh..

In less whiny news, the Arc project looks rather interesting. My resurgance of interest in Lisp/Scheme has been brought about by LispMe 3.0. Plus I've been hacking in Python on my Visor lately. It doesn't seem to like all the functional constructs I'm used to in Python. If you've never hacked Python using functional idioms then you really should. it's fun.

speaking of which, please note the Sharp SL-5000. Linux, Embedded QT, Java, Compact Flash.. I want one.

# — 03 December, 2001