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Cleaned up executing logic, wrote a basic pcode verifier, and put up a web-accesible cvs tree for SwapVM (my previously mentioned VM). Tomorrow I'll finish my pcode verifier and write another instruction set to show how to swap instruction sets around. After that's finished, I'll release the address to the cvs tree for people to poke around. Not that I give a damn if anybody wanted to see now.

After that, I'll retire the project and hack around with Zooko's E virtual machine in C++. It's been a long, long time since I wrote anything in C++. I'm prefering Objective-C lately. Apparently MarkM had some reasons for believing that writing a TCB in C++ was impossible if you use some of it's features. If zooko and/or I stay interested, it'd be worth bugging him about those reasons.

Things on my stack:

  • Momoko
  • "Secure Distributed Programming in an Hour"
  • Whisper
  • More compiler whizbang.
  • A teeny Blogger client for OSX. (xml-rpc)

Word on the street was that Radio 8 supported Blogger (they have some downloadable tool to support it) but damned if I can get Radio to work. I forgot how bizarre it was. What the fuck is a root file, again? Why do I want to see all the verbs a system has?

I had another DSL outage yesterday. PacBell fessed up to having unplugged my port from the DSLAM. whoops!

# — 16 January, 2002