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Happy Yesterday.

Notable things that occured while in Oregon:

  1. I moved to OS X.
  2. Rosco discovered the joys of iTunes playing the US Bombs while fragging people in Quake3.
  3. The Quake 2 source was released.
  4. I remembered that the Bay Area doesn't get cold. I only took a sweater with me to Oregon and I barely took it off. It snowed in Oregon, something I haven't seen (or missed) since I moved here.
  5. I begged my dad for an 8-bit NES the christmas after my 11th birthday. This christmas he asked me for a game boy advance. How funny..
  6. I discovered that I really do hate most Mail clients and most text editors.

Travel Agents must follow a rule that places the number of layovers proportional with their commission. I had to fly from Oakland to Seattle (Wash) to Portland(Or) to Pasco (Wash) to Pendleton (Or) . During the flight from pendleton back to portland, the lady next to me had a connecting flight directly to oakland while I had to wait 2 hours for my flight to seattle in order to wait another 3 hours for my flight back to oakland. Holy Fucking Hell. You'd think a month and a half in advance would have been early enough to get decent tickets. No more travel agents.

Christmas vacation wasn't enough rest, I had too many people to see, too much code I wanted to write, and too many Big Sandwiches to eat. Evan was very gracious in allowing me a few extra days off from my scheduled vacation time. Time to get back to serious coding endeavours. Serious meaning that it's not just for personal amusement, like my profiler and Whisper.

Java under OS X is very pleasant. I really dug how the UI I wrote in E popped up all Aqua-ified without any modification to my default E installation.

# — 02 January, 2002