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I had forgotten about Objective-C's selectors!! This makes it possible to easily port my SwapVM to Objective-C and not use pointers to functions but instead use selectors to dynamically pass messages around. Profiling will tell me how slow this would actually be compared to p2f's.

This feels much more doable now.

Damn, I'm seriously procrastinating on the command parser for Momoko. Part of this is that I'm still not entirely sure how Momoko commands work. There's only one way to solve that... and I will. Just let me write Obj-c for a day or two. I need to get this virtual machine bug out of my stomach so I can start seriously thinking about writing lexical and semantic analyzers again.

I'm almost ready for a media fast. And I will take one before I start work again (I'm currently on a short-to-medium length vacation). But not if it's the weekend of Code Con. It won't be a pure media fast but it will be a break from my daily routine of email/reading blogs/chatting about programming with various people/writing code for crazy projects. Maybe I'd actually leave the house for a while.

Speaking of CodeCon, I really wish E had been in a state that I would've felt comfortable finishing more work on Whisper and presenting. I suppose I could have polished and submitted one of my other projects but I felt properly whelmed (not over or under) by work and didn't feel I had spare cycles. I will definitely get something out there for the september con.

In case you were wondering what the deal with E was: I'm waiting for persistence of SturdyRef's to be repaired. I have no doubt it will be sometime in the near future, and I know the E team is super busy working on other issues. With their time constraints, I don't feel entirely free to hack around in the source. It needs commentary. Once SturdyRef persistence works, Whisper work will pick up dramatically, and I'll finally finish "Secure Distributed Programming in an Hour" which sits half finished for my lack of motivation. Persistence is something I want to show off to the world at large in that paper. A basic Whisper-like client/server (sans Swing UI) will be the demo app.

# — 24 January, 2002