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My reading list has become too eclectic for even most online bookstores. :-( I'm unable to find books on microprogramming online and I can't find books on Genetic Algorithms in local bookstores. Borders has more books on using Office than on all topics of advanced CS combined. Even Stacey's, which is usually excellent, fails me lately.

My rediculous amount of experience writing assembly (for my age anyway) has been suiting me well lately in working on a virtual machine for a simple little language that I came up: subScheme, a completely tiny subset of scheme who's only working program will be a fibonacci sequence. There are lots of different variants of a fibonacci sequence written in Scheme, I'll choose a sufficiently simple one.

It's not eccentric to write such a beast, I need the experience to write larger virtual machines. Darius Bacon's idel project sort of prompted this interest. Blame Darius.

# — 11 January, 2002