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Oh yes. Dynapad has seriously made me question whether a Sharp Zaurus will be my next PDA. I've been thinking about Smalltalk on a PDA for as long as I've been smalltalking, and Pocket Smalltalk just don't cut it for me. They're using the iPAQ, fyi. It'd be the first time I ever willingly bought a MSFT product, DOS 5 not withstanding, but that was through eBay.

My love-hate relationship with PalmOS turned into hate about 6 months ago, at least, when I tried programming a semi-large class on my Visor using Pippy (Python 1.5.2). I nearly smashed the damn thing into the ground. Oh sure, it can play tetris like a bad ass but try coding a lambda expression with Graffiti sometime. Extreme Anger Management Required.

# — 31 January, 2002