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As I was finishing off a big plate of tasti-veg*, I got some brocolli caught in my teeth and all the tonguing in the world wouldn't get it out. So I flossed, spat it out, and noticed that it was considerably redder than when I had feebly tried to consume it. Brocolli piece: 1, Bleedin' Gums Jenson: 0.

Speaking of which, the Simpsons gave me some good ha-ha's tonight.

I spent a great many hours staring at the momoko cvs tree this weekend while rewriting it's command parser. I'm still trying to grok the entire code structure, which isn't small by any means, after which I'll have some proposals for changing interface structure to make extending the parser (more importantly, it's targets) much easier.

I watched Alias again tonight. It's the first hour of TV I've watched in many many weeks and I'm not missing it at all. Stacy and I are amazed at how much ass she can kick for being barely 100 lbs.

Damn my mouth hurts.

I've been feeling that I've been riding bareback for too long (jeez, nearly two months now) and I could stand some more structure in my studies. I might as well enumerate what I feel my concurrent paths of study should be for the next 6 months:

  • Computer Science
    • Finish my lambda calculus studies
    • finish Interpretation of Object-Oriented Languages
    • work through A Theory of Objects
    • work through Basic Simple Type Theory
    • wait for DrScheme for OS X to be completed
    • work through the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and it's Instructors Guide.
  • Programming (more concrete than CS)
    • learn more from Darius' idel project
    • finish Smalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice
    • read Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++.
    • start mapping out my own basic E virtual machine.
    • I'm waiting for the Promise of E's SturdyRef persistence to be finished after which I can continue work on Whisper and will feel sufficiently motivated to finish writing my E texts.
  • Math
    • finish up Concrete Mathematics.
    • finish up Number theory text, being sure to stare at complexity theory more thoroughly.
    • work through examples in calculus textbook, especially involving Anti-Derivatives (Integration).

Enough goals for you? Yeah.. what am I thinking? I figure I'll need to re-read the second and third sections of A Theory of Objects after I do write a basic E compiler and virtual machine. These formalisms will require body for me to feel happy with my understanding.

6 months? This could easily stretch into 2 years.

* Tasti-veg is the term I came up with for prewashed vegetables in a bag.

# — 11 February, 2002