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My dad played his first golf tournament last weekend and scored 4th place. Way to go, Dad! That PGA Pro Tour game I got him along with the Game Boy Advance must've really made a difference.

I've been working on a beginner's guide to E programming. I'll post the URL late tonight after I make some hefty revisions and merge dnm's notes into the fray.

Gratiutious Bullet Point List Relating to my Hobby Coding Plans:

  • Finish E paper
  • Get MNet working on OpenBSD 3.0, contact Python port maintainer about rolling in changes.
  • Clean up Momoko parser, check it into CVS.
I'm still not really sure how this parser will fit into the general Momoko mindshare so it's best if I just take what I have, check it into cvs, let Brandon ponder it, tell me his ideas for how to fit it in. I figure it will be an iterative process looking like this:
  • fit parser into one Interpreter
  • see if how I envision it being handed Strings to parse is consistent with how Brandon feels that Strings should be handed to it.
  • our seperate visions battle it out Thunderdome-style. (I guess Hume-style if you want to get all philosophical 'n shizzat)
  • fit parser into now unified vision.
  • fit into next Interpreter
  • rinse, lather, repeat.

Stacy and I had a lot of fun at Ev's party last night. I finally met jason in person and this other guy made me laugh so hard that I nearly (or mostly) cried.

We only stayed about 3.5 hours due to BART but this should be the last time that I ever have to worry about missing the train back to the East Bay again. Soon I'll be back in My City. She made out with Joey in my absence. Bitch.

# — 25 February, 2002