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Privacy Enhancing Technologies is coming up in April, I'm thinking of plunking down the registration fee. It looks like I might be attending Emerging Fads. We'll see. I'd be pretty excited to do so since several people I know are giving talks. I owe Marc Steigler a few drinks for missing him at p2p '01. Oh, that feels like such a long time ago.

I read blogs from the Airport-enabled Downtown SF CompUSA earlier. I think that classifies me as a member of genus Loserus Getalifeus. Next time I will try to read blogs with my powerbook from the bakery next door. At least that way I'll be Loserus Withbagelus.

I received a voicemail today from the new landlord, I need to pick up my keys and sign the lease to my new place soon. Especially soon so I can get phone and DSL hooked up. I think I'll sneak a new fridge into the place, the existing one is older than dirt.

# — 26 February, 2002