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You'd think that after coding Blogger for 10 hours that I'd have had enough programming for one day. Not true, I just tested my new xml-rpc interface via DrScheme using CapnRPC and wrote the beginnings of a client in scheme for the old Blogger API. You know how it is, you like programming but get tired of facing the same language troubles over-and-over so when you're fried on Java, you move to Scheme and feel better about the world and your place in it. You lower the hari-kari blade and bust out the cognac and cubans.

Tomorrow is another p2p-hackers meet, this time featuring dnm all the way from New York. He crashed at my place the first night he was here and yet somehow managed to avoid getting in the way of work. Grand Theft Auto 3 kept him busy. That and the World's Largest Pizza. That's not Dan and that's not my apartment but it is a big fucking pizza and that I gotta respect.

Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++ finally came out, I'm going to try and pick up a copy tomorrow before the meet. I've been spending about an hour a night reading various compiler books I have but none of them give more than small hints about more arcane details of virtual machine design. Mak's book, mentioned in a previous post, is the closest I've got. That and the Blue Book. Oh, and the Green Book is a fun read but a bit of a tease. worse than me.

tonight my hour was spent reading the Tiger book (Compilers in Java) with my downstairs neighbor alternately screwing very loudly and arguing very loudly at each other. Neither is more pleasant than the other. I just kept my mind on Symbol Tables... Symbol Tables, Symbol Tables, *SPANK* *OH!* D'OH!

Another Blog idea I had was one where various people posted interesting papers they've read recently.

# — 24 March, 2002