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bencode is worth reading if you're thinking about if decode(encode(x)) should equal x or not. Pay attention to long vs int and special attention to list v. tuple.

One of my favorite points of RPG's Patterns of Software is that we (software engineers) should be reading lots of source. He argues that not being exposed to enough actual programming (as opposed to talking about programming without real examples) before graudating college is like only writing limericks before wandering off to write the Great American Novel.

In other news, The E folks are currently pretending to not be a scripting language for Java. Now, I do understand the bigger plans but until they're no longer just taming the already horrible Java API's, they're going to continue to feel like a Java scripting environment everytime I try to write a GUI in E. I'm not really sure what to say, I created a big stink when I was at OpenCola about how backwardsly incompatible changes would keep me from writing production code in E so I'm reluctant to step forward and say "let's write our own API's, I hate the wrapping Swing nonsense." Dean Tribble stole half that thunder. I'm really glad he did. It's ironic since I don't think E will stop feeling foreign to Java programmers until after they stop wrapping Java. E call() gives me shivers.

Hey! I found a bug in Chimera's User_Agent string. sweet, Blogger Pro will be supporting 0.2.4! (I'm using Blogger Pro with Chimera right now using a trick that I can't tell you about. I'm so bad). The Chimera guys rock. So far, this has the most potential of all the OS X browsers I've used.

When I first moved into my new apartment, the fog horns would keep me awake at night. I figured it was the price I had to pay for a spectacular view of the bay. Now I rather enjoy them.

One last thing. I'm 24 today! I was thinking about this the other day: on 23/4/56 I'll be 78.If I ever create a variant of 7-card poker, that'll be a winning hand.

(Happy birthday to kevin burton as well who turns 26 today.)

# — 23 April, 2002