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Saturday night I saw The Salton Sea. Warner Bros is trying to kill this movie by not giving it very much press and opening it in a very small arena, I think. pansies. It's really quite good despite the heavy subject matter. It even manages to be funny in places where it added.

Sunday night saw NoFX/Rancid/US Bombs/Real McKenzie's play Slim's. It was awesome. They all busted out the favorites. I was stoked that nofx played Hotdog in a Hallway, and parts of The Decline. That song doesn't get enough credit. Fat Mike also spoke a few words of how politiks really are important to punk rock. Fatty's interesting, a character study in how much people can change. A vegetarian now, he was asked a while back: "How do you feel having written songs like 'Vegetarian Mumbo-Jumbo'" "Pretty stupid".

Duane was sober! This is the first time I've seen the bombs where duane hasn't been totally sloshed. Stacy says the first time she saw Duane Peters she thought to herself "oh, that's nice of them to let that old homeless punk guy in. Wait, he's getting on stage. Oh! he's the singer!" That pretty much sums up the Master of Disaster.

Lars from Rancid was fresh off back surgery. Some moron from the pit jumped on staged and accidentally rammed Lars into an amp, nearly flooring him. That nearly stopped the show, but Lars played on. Why? Because Lars kicks ass.

Lately I've also been reading The Amatuer's Mind trying to get my chess game up to snuff again. I'm still waiting for my copy of Pocket Fritz to make it out of Europe and onto my iPAQ. The reviews for PF crack me up:

Pocket Fritz managed a draw against a top ten player, GM Peter Leko, rated 2730. Keeping this in mind, one can quickly become demoralized even before pushing the power on button. Doctor Frankenstein supplied the electrical current to his creation and the countryside was never safe again. The same can be said for the tournament and online landscape.

I've been listening to pieces of the Distiller's new album lately, the reviews have been great. Even Stacy, who hates girl bands, digs the Distillers.

Andrew Loewenstern reminds us not to get drunk and say stupid things in public because the internet has ears now. and apparently a remixer.

# — 30 April, 2002