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There's a long thread on MacinTouch about OS X and fragmentation. Worrying about fragmentation is so Personal Computer. A few people in that thread set the whiners straight about just how traditional unix file systems handle file writes so as to minimize fragmentation although I'm not entirely sure that's how HFS+ works. Jeff Darcy would be sure to know.

Sorry for the long outage, my head has been completely buried in work these past two weeks and my extra-curricular activities have been at a minimum so there really hasn't been much I could talk about.

I'm thinking about having a Twin Peaks marathon one of these days. I have the first season, the pilot, and the movie. and cera has the second season on vhs. I can fit maybe 8 people in front of my TV.

Rosco and I used to describe Pendleton as being Twin Peaks-like. A very strange little rural town where bizarre things would happen. Maybe it was more like Lumberton in Blue Velvet. Lynch seems obsessed with small towns as the bizarre underbelly of America.

I found myself re-reading a large chunk of Catcher in the Rye this morning while trying to get to sleep after a long hacking session. I never noticed before how much Holden Caulfield is like my old friend Bill. I mean, we all have small parts of Holden Caulfield in us, and if you don't then you should seriously think about acquiring some, but Bill is dead-on Holden. Well, half of Bill is dead-on, the other half is very anti-Caulfield. There's a definite dichotomy. Maybe that explains a lot about Bill.

# — 02 April, 2002