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Yesterday, instead of doing something useful, I ported an early version of zooko's eimp (e implementation in C++) to ObjC. I really like Objective-C, I always have, but I'm starting to see how I wouldn't mind actually programming in it full-time instead of just weekend hacks. I really haven't spent enough time with selectors yet so don't hold me to that..

I had the strangest idea last night for a templating system written in Javascript. Make the client do the work, those lazy bastards and their spare cpu cycles. Templating@Home.

Also, a tiny virtual machine written in javascript.

I blame luke gorrie's Jscm (a scheme in javascript) for these horrible ideas.

It's been beautiful lately, I should really take some pictures of the bay and my new apartment.

Emerging Fads is coming up fairly quickly, I need to double-check on my pass and book a room. It'd probably serve the best interests of all involved to book a double occupancy.

Anyway, I'm off to have big sandwiches (bigger than my head, and that breaks one of my rules) with kevin burton near irving and 9th. I'll have my powerbook with me so no doubt he'll try to get me to add some more to Blogger Pro's RSS feed. ;-) Actually, it still needs dc:time.

# — 21 April, 2002