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John Dvorak is stinky. so stop smelling.

John Dvorak is stinky. so stop smelling.

Recently John Dvorak riffed on boingboing editor Mark Frauenfelder for being both scruffy looking and a Mac convert (Frauenfelder was in the Apple Switch ads) sparking some controversy, even a special e-newsletter from O'Reilly against Dvorak's stinkiness.

But I just have to ask, why do people even pay attention to Dvorak anymore? He stirs the stew just for the sake of stirring.He's not interested in actual debate, just getting people to take notice. I suppose the fact that he can still get people to talk about him means he still has a little influence. But that's your fault, not his.

(Before you ask, "why aren't _you_ just ignoring Dvorak?", I am ignoring Dvorak. I've been ignoring Dvorak for years.This entry is just Meta.)

# — 26 June, 2002