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so so busy

so so busy

I am so incredibly busy these days. But we're kicking ass.

Here's a few links for you degenerates:
  • Excellent piece on how everybody's favorite functional language and a homegrown OODBMS saved Square USA
  • I read Dealers of Lightning recently. Wonderful narrative about the early days of Xerox PARC.
  • Speaking of amazon, I put the url to my wishlist online in the sidebar. Please, feel free to spend the 210$ on The Handbook of Process Algebra. If you don't, the potential consequence will be very grave indeed.
Also, I've been bit with the OmniOutliner bug. I do have a feature request: Export to HTML.

Last note: Oracle, you sick sadistic bastards. Why must you try and reshape in the world in your own, retarded image? Tell Larry to go back to his garden.

# — 26 June, 2002