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Cometbus and Imhotep's cuisine.

Cometbus and Imhotep's cuisine.

I completely forgot that Aaron Cometbus was putting out his Cometbus Omnibus this year until I ran into it yesterday at a local bookstore.

Sometimes when you wander aimlessly around town, you just end up bored and tired or maybe a bird shits on your head. Other times you find the best restaurant in the whole damn city. Al-Masri is seriously buried in the outer richmond, on 41st avenue and Balboa and if you've never had Egyptian food (which is kind of a distant cousin to Iraqi cuisine, which you might've had under the guises of Persian food, if that helps), then you have to eat here. If you're too embarrassed to eat by yourself, give me a ring, We'll go with you.

And to think this place has been two blocks away from Stacy's place for the past couple of months and we never had any idea! What small lives we were leading.

# — 18 August, 2002