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syndication, the con, and you. (yes, you)

syndication, the con, and you. (yes, you)

I've noticed that since I started reading my blogs entirely inside of an aggregator (NetNewsLite), I've stopped updating my blogroll. I can't help but feel I need some form of incentive for those people who's blogs I like. Plus I really want to edit my referer in NetNewsLite so that they know the traffic is coming from me.

Cory was nice enough to hook me up with a pass to the OS X conference at the end of the month, I was really excited by some of the talks/sessions/BOF's going on but couldn't cough up the 1300$ to attend. Who wants to split a room? I'm not really down with cramming 10 people in one room, but a two-bedder with 2 other people, the one with the least money on the couch, sounds good.

Tonight I saw "The Bank", which marks my first viewing at the Balboa Theatre which is just about the neatest movie house I've seen in my neighborhood. It feels really Olde Tyme (I've been saying that a lot since seeing O Brother Where Art Thou). The problem with arthouse movie places is that some people don't know when to shut the hell up. Just because you're "cool" enough to come to an "independant" film house doesn't mean you can be "noisy" all the "fucking" time.

So I had the funnest adventure earlier with my powerbook. I wanted to copy all of my mp3's from my tibook to my g4 tower, so I plugged in a firewire cable to both, rebooted the tibook, held down 'T', which put the powerbook in Target mode, and immediately made it's drive available to my desktop. Firewire is faster than my tibook's drive!

Also, I've discovered that the g4 tower has 64-bit PCI slots. ooooh boooy. I don't know what horrible things I can do with this, but just watch out. (this sort of thing used to matter to me before quad ethernet cards came in 32-bit PCI form factor).

Oh right, the film. Well, I enjoyed it. It's kind of hard to describe: A drama-turned-(I won't tell you what) wrapped in pseudo-math. I honestly did like it, even though it was slow starting out. Anthony LaPaglia plays an over-the-top bad guy but his performance isn't over-the-top. I don't know how he pulled that one off. It talked a lot about predicting the stock market based on history which contrasts very sharply with a book I've been reading lately called "Fooled by Randomness" which so far is basically one man's resolute attempt to drive into our brains that the stock market isn't deterministic (and thus can't be predicted no matter how long or detailed the history) but rather probabilistic and therefore best studied through stochastic principles. Great Reading, this guy must be the most neurotic nutbag on the eastern seaboard. I'd love to have lunch with him sometime.

I noticed that there are a lot of new people reading my blog. I'm sure my entries make me sound like I drink heavily before I blog but I'm really just disheveled.

# — 14 September, 2002