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I was in St. Louis from Thursday to late last night attending the wedding of a friend of mine. It was weirdly tense so most of our time was spent racking up one vicious bar tab after another. The bride said that if any of us were drunk the night before the wedding that we'd be thrown out of the wedding party. It took about 7 hours that night to get her friend so drunk that he projectile vomitted across his entire bathroom. Boy that was disgusting. Nobody was removed from the wedding party. Pictures forthcoming.

The Arch is freaking gigantic. I only figured it'd be big. It feels completely foreign compared to the rest of St. Louis. As if left there by an ancient race, complete with a Shopping Center and Museum!

Going up in the arch consists of crawling into a tiny, egg-shaped capsule jammed in with 5 other people. Once crammed inside, you're hoisted precariously up the inside edge, gears grinding and metal creaking the whole way up. The view is mesmerizing. White Flight as far as the eye can see.

# — 02 June, 2003