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Sony today unveiled concrete specs for their new handheld. The short and skinny: 33 million t&l'd pps, WiFi, 1.8Gb media, and 2 R4000/333's. Not being content to call a "chip" a "chip", Sony has called the second R4000 a "PSP Media Engine".

I hope you enjoy reading this article in your "Hypertext Rendering Engine" as much as I've enjoyed typing this on my "Human-Computer-Interfacial Engine".

Anyway, two chips in a system is nothing new, really, although it would have seemed obvious to me to at least use a different kind of processor for the "Media Engine" unless they wanted to confuse people into thinking it was an SMP machine. Maybe they have a trick up their sleeve.

But hey, it'll give me an excuse to brush up on my MIPS assembly. I have a R5000 sitting in my closet right now. Maybe I should throw NetBSD on that and poke around.

# — 30 July, 2003