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I don't sign my email with PGP or anything else. I don't believe in non-repudiation; I don't think it's physically possible. Software is too vulnerable to holes and people are easily fooled into clicking shiny buttons. Once you lose non-repudiation, all you've gained from signing email is the ability to tack 2 kilobytes onto every message sent and received.

I don't care about anonymity, all I want is to keep people from eavesdropping on my conversations. For this reason, I'd rather use TLS than an onion router.

I can't stomach Perl any longer and yet I just put Perl 6 essentials on my amazon wishlist. Before you get on my case, I was paid for quite a long time to write and read Perl. Perl itself doesn't bother me as much as most Perl hackers and their crappy scripts do.

I'm an enigma wrapped in a twinkie.

# — 04 November, 2003