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untitledThe SF examiner just outed Gavin Newsom's Republican campaign contributions. Poor guy, it's hard to be a closet Republican in this city.

Newsom and Gonzalez are both current members of the SF Board of Supervisors with Gonzalez as current President. In that same Examiner article, they discuss a recent debate where Newsom made a remark about Gonzalez voting to raise the salary of BoS members with Gonzalez cracking back that Newsom didn't bother to make it to most meetings.. What has Newsom been up to? Too busy greasing palms and putting up 'Schwarzeneggar for Governor' signs? What would this mean if he were mayor? Would he spending most of his time trying to become Governor or Senator?

Regardless of Newsom being a boob, Matt Gonzelez is getting my vote.

Also importantly, this election has re-registered the Green Party in my mind as a viable political force. They've downgraded their naive Pacifist view to merely 'Non-Violent'. Maybe I'll finally mark something besides 'I decline to mention my political affiliation' on various forms that request it.

# — 30 November, 2003