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Ham Radio License in a Day (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Ham Radio License in a Day (by Jeremy Zawodny)

As a young teenager, I was working towards my General Ham License. I had a hard time getting to the required 13 words per minute of Morse Code proficiency and decided that programming assembly on little microcontrollers was funner. Years later they decided that you shouldn't need to know Morse Code to get your general license and dropped the requirement.

Jeremy Zawodny recently attended a crash course designed to get him his Ham License and after 6 hours of cramming, he passed with a 94%. Nice.

Ham Radio actually saved my friend's life; we were in a bad accident in the middle of nowhere and my other friend was able to use his ham radio to get an ambulance to treat said pal's head injury. As many Ham operators would say: 'he wuz bleedin' like a stuck pig. yee haw!' Or, as they used to say: ...---... ...---... aww, shucks.

# — 30 January, 2005