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Just like a punch in the face

Just like a punch in the face

Tonight I took the 21 MUNI line home. Bear with me here. The front was crowded as a dude was blocking the way. I excused myself and moved past him only to have him accuse me of pushing him. To "retaliate", he pushed me back. As I turned to figure out what was going on...


That son-of-a-bitch punched me square in the face. The chin to be exact. A nice solid punch. I haven't been punched in the face since college but times were different then: we were in a ring wearing boxing gloves so there was no element of surprise.

My bell was a little rung so I stepped back and asked something reasonable: Why did you punch me in the face?

His response was less reasonable.

So the other passengers started yelling at him and telling the drive to throw him off. I asked again: Why did you punch me in the face?

At which point, because of all the other passengers yelling at him, he started to flip out, saying that he was going to "tear this thing apart" (or something to that effect, things were a little hazy).

I felt it was best to get off the bus, go home, and file a police report.

That officer would like you to know that if something similar ever happens to you, tell the bus driver to immediately push their "panic button" (which I didn't know they had) and a bunch of cops will come immediately and arrest the guy.

Anyway, don't worry about me. My lip is swollen and a little bloody but will be fine after a few days of aspirin and ice. My pride is not bruised, I have not been turned into a frightened city dweller, and I'm glad I didn't do anything stupid.

Just remember that panic button.

# — 09 September, 2005