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Because you care.

Because you care.

How am I doing? Pretty well, I had to look at a calendar to tell that it's Monday. That's progress.

Stacy and I saw 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' last week at the Golden Gate Theatre. If it comes to your town, I suggest you see it. Don't take your girlfriend if you're not sure where you stand since you might be broken up by the end of it. Go straight to a bar afterwards as the play is sure to make you want a drink. Better yet, sneak in some Dewars in your tummy (per Patton Oswalt). There's nothing theatre-goers love more than drunken revelry. Just pretend it's a sing-a-long and after a while, it will be.

Later this week, Stacy and I will be travelling to Rome. I will do my usual cowboy-politics-when-abroad schtick and they will keep feeding me pizza and paninis in the hope that I will shut up about their lovely country.

I will promise to not make an ass of myself. I will also cross my fingers behind my back while making it. Wish me well.

# — 17 April, 2007