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43 Folders makes the switch...

43 Folders makes the switch...

that I expect a number of others to follow. They just switched from a blogging system to a content management system. Lots of sites that have daily articles aren't blogs but until recently it was easier to have separate blogs and auxiliary sites than to setup a full-blown CMS. These sites are easy to distinguish: they'll have forums, wikis, or other miscellany that aren't simply chronologically ordered notes of interest. For instance, 43 Folders has a Forum, Job Board, and sub-sites like gtd and Inbox Zero.

I always assumed CMS's would get easier to setup and use and some of the more popular sites would switch to them. I fully expect this to become a growing trend and am glad to see traditional blogging tools start to get some competition for serious users.

Update: Earlier, I mentioned in this post that Matt pointed to a site that switched from WordPress to a CMS. I misread it. It was the other way around. Thanks, Jeremy. I hate it when you're right.

# — 22 September, 2007