Forwarding Address: OS X

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Assorted notes on Macworld Expo:
  • It is very likely that Apple is doing well with Mac users. The show was fairly crowded on Thursday, which is a good sign. Usually, Thursday is starting to drag. The mood was upbeat.
  • It is really hard to pin a label on the majority of Mac users. It is clear to me that I'm not in that majority, at least from the products I saw exhibited. I'm not a graphics designer or a music creator or a video producer. It seemed like over half the show was catering to people in those businesses.
  • There are a lot of Switchers. Apple nailed this one pretty well. My fond hope is that Apple does to Word what it just did to Internet Explorer, and make it OSX-specific. A reasonable business model would be like QuickTime: free for low-end, $30 for the more advanced model (advanced features could be Word import/export and style sheets).
  • The 17-inch PowerBook is heavy and long. Prediction: a zillion of them need to be fixed even before their 1-year warranty is up due to issues arising from torque. Nice screen, though.
  • Lots of people talking about Safari. Almost no one talking about the new iApps.
  • I bought a really comfortable mouse called the Contour UniMouse. This is the first mouse I have bought for daily use, ever. $25 show price. So, where are all the low-cost USB keyboards? PS2-based keyboards are under $5, but you can't find a USB keyboard for under $40.
  • Sadly, only a few BMUG t-shirts seen. </era>