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Monday, October 18, 2004

Mac reaches 10% market share... in spam subject lines

I don't know if my spamtrap addresses constitute a statistically significant sample, but I just noticed that I'm seeing an awful lot of Mac-specific spam subject lines in my spam logs. The logfiles only record header info, so I can't tell you what the messages said, but check out these subject line counts from the last week:
  69  Subject: New Member Incentive Program- Get an Apple computer!
  66  Subject: Get an Apple iMac G5 Desktop computer!
  55  Subject: Get the New Apple iMac G5 Desktop!
  46  Subject: Apple 17" iMac G5 Desktop!
  40  Subject: An Apple iMac G5 could be yours!
That's 276 out of 2713 spamtrapped messages. Double-digit market share!


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