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Monday, June 06, 2005

OS X On Intel

Personally, I'm glad to see it. Hopefully this means that there will be another decent laptop to run linux on than the thinkpad. Yeah, I know that I can run Yellow Dog and YDL is nice but it's pain enough getting software to work on a supported OS on a marginal platform; getting software to work on a marginal OS on a marginal platform can really be quite ridiculous. Hopefully Intel Pentium-M laptops will only be a few drivers away from working with more common Linux distributions.

With a less powerhungry P4M running a Powerbook, we should expect to see longer battery lives and better screens (since they will be competing less with the CPU for power).

Unfortunately, for all of those projects not using XCode (as the Keynote showed, only 56% of the top 100 apple developers were using XCode), there's a new world of OS X mysteria approaching; check out this post from a developer of PyObjC on the work they can expect to do for Intel Macs.

It's a brave new world.


  • Dude! It's just BSD. Go get BSD and slap your favorite Winder manager on there.

    By Casper Vidor, at 9:50 AM  

  • But he doesn't want to run BSD. He wants to run Linux. He said so. Am I missing something here?

    By Anonymous, at 7:41 AM  

  • Hey - are all you guys on vacation or what? No posts in almost a month?

    By Anonymous, at 9:47 AM  

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