Forwarding Address: OS X

Monday, June 17, 2002

Microsoft just released the 5.2 updater for Internet Explorer for OS X -- weirdly, there hasn't been any fanfare about this release, and there're precious few notes on it, other than:
This latest version version 5.2 provides all the latest security and performance enhancements for Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS X and a new home page for Internet Explorer. It also provides support for the new Quartz text smoothing feature provided in Mac OS X version 10.1.5 and later, so text on your screen is easier to read.
Update: Just ran the installer. It makes you quit out of all your other apps before it'll run. Hellooooo? This is Unix! Jesus. The installer overwrites your preset homepage with MSN. Argh. The actual app is not visibly faster or more stable than 5.1 was and the Quartz support is no better than I'm getting with Silk.

I've gone back to Mozilla, which is not without its failings (I hate the download manager, and the inability to specify that links from other apps should open in new tabs, not new windows is a pain), but which is far more stable and far faster than Explorer. Link Discuss (via MacSlash)